Rotarian Orozco and Maria Zubia prepares to assist students and parents with Community Health Services clinic forms.

Fourteen Rotarians provided a helping hand to Community Health Services and School District 14 last week by participating with clinic enrollment at Adams City High School. Maria Zubia, CHS Director of Outreach, reports that the entire group after receiving a quick on-site training was pros and managed to learn the process very quickly to the point that they were keeping pace with the CHS staff.

The Rotarian pros lead by Norma Portney, CHS Director, were as follows: Kathy D’Amico, Arlo Anderson, Eppie Perea, Dominick Moreno, Jon Nash, Rhonda Hathaway, Joe Frei, Debbie Leopold, George Maybee, Enrique Orozco, Sharon Maybee, Liz Anderson, and Terry NeSmith.