Welcome to the new Rotary year! I want to make this year the year of "Doing." "Making a Difference" is this year's theme.
Work Days
We will be doing something at least once a month for a non-profit. If you have or know of a non-profit who might need some help folding mailers, stuffing envelopes, putting together kits, let me know. The third Wednesday of the month has been designated as "Work Day" for these extra help days. Also on these days, committees can meet during this time or learn about other committees they have interest. Please, keep this in mind.
These "Work Days" will also be a great day for a prospective member to see "Rotarians in Action." We want to streamline our membership process. If a person wants to join our dynamic club, they must first fill out an application. It will be read at the monthly board meeting on the third Wednesday of the month for its approval. It will be read to the membership for the next three weeks and then will be inducted on the third Wednesday of the month. During this process, the prospective member may attend the three meetings, but they will required to pay for all meals. They are NOT required to attend meetings during this time. The sponsor may be willing to pay for this on to their quarterly invoice.
Last year, some members were not happy with the speakers we were having and some members wanted to bring the "Rotarian of the Day" back. So, we are going to be a little retro!
All members have been assigned a day, in which, they are the "Rotarian of the Day," and will be responsible for a great speaker for the day. The Rotarian will be responsible for the invocation or inspiring quote, leading the Pledge of Allegiance, lead the 4-Way Test and let the group know as little or as much as you want Rotary to know. (Dick, you only get five minutes.) Its all up to you, then you will introduce your speaker. We need to know more about our fellow Rotarians.
Our club is 57-years-old and Dick Stevenson is its oldest current member. When I was in Atlanta this summer, I purchased a book about Rotary's history and he will give our club a little history lesson when he attends our club. Rotarian Susan Frew will also be updating Facebook with interesting tidbits about Rotary. She will also be reminding all of us to check in on Facebook for more exposure to our club.
Rotary Proud
Wednesday is YOUR Rotary Day and on this day, I would like all of us to be "Rotary Proud." This means, wear your Rotary shirts, scarves, hats, but more importantly, your pins. We all have them, please wear these on Wednesdays. Be PROUD that you are a member of the best Rotary Club in our District, in our Zone, in our Country and maybe in the world. I really want all of us to "Make a Difference" locally, nationally and globally. And be, "Service Above Self."
Rhonda, President