World Peace Fellows Pantea Beigi and Imal Momand meet with Commerce City Rotary President George Maybee as they attend the Rotary International Convention in Bangkok.

Beigi is receiving a WPF diploma

Pantea Beigi, WPF
, has completed her studies and will be receiving her diploma in the next month or so. She has been accepted as an External Course Supervisor at Queensland University. This is a great compliment to her and to all of us who support her.

World Peace and Conflict Resolution Seminar Program - Bangkok

Our WPF from Afghanistan, Imal Momand, is continuing his efforts to initiate his Non-Profit efforts. He has met some resistance in the Government there, but feels he will be able to move the effort forward. Imal sent the following email to PDG, Dan Clark.

Thank you so much Dan for the email. In fact, I would like to congratulate Commerce City Rotary Club and District 5450 on the success to date of my non-profit efforts. Without your support and kind assistance of Rotarians, it wouldn’t have been possible to progress. So, I am highly honored by your genuine and peace loving thoughts and hearts. In fact, you have shown me the path to a life of dignity and pride. Thank you so much again.

Actually, when I returned from Bangkok, I was highly motivated and had high morale and spirit bolstered up by the miracles of peace and love. I was also able to set up a local NGO called Organization for Humanitarian Assistance of Afghanistan. Moreover, I designed and submitted three proposals with donors in the hope of getting funding in order to implement small projects- which are nothing just to fulfill my obligation towards mankind- but unfortunately, none of the proposals has been approved so far. I did all these things with my own money which I am proud of it and will continue to do so in the future if I have the financial capability. In fact, I didn’t have sufficient money and I thought maybe I need to get a job so that I can partially fund my non profits efforts but unluckily, I couldn’t get a job either. So, everything was getting more and more difficult or impossible day by day and of all sudden, I knew I was discouraged or disappointed!

Honestly, it has been just a month since I have worked on my non profit efforts but when I received your last two emails, they really kind of revitalized and strengthened my commitments once again to continue the effort at the cost of everything. I will continue and hopefully soon I will have small projects implemented, this is my promise and will go ahead with the fulfillment till my last minute of life. It may seem a big promise but I am sure fulfillment of which requires me to go through a lot of hardship and work which I will and will start it just now but I need your encouragement as the love and sincere treatment of Rotarians particularly Jenn Weidman, the deputy director of peace center at Chula University is unforgettable. However, I am still looking for a job and irrespective of the fact whether I find one or not, I will continue my non profit efforts under any trying circumstances. I will also update you accordingly but I am sorry if it takes a bit longer as I am determined to continue with my non profit work and hopefully, it will have great result!

When I pursued my certificate course on peace and conflict resolution under the Rotary Peace Fellowship at Chulalongkorn University, I realized the fact that human being needs peace and cooperation more than anything else in today’s world. I was exposed to the development and high standard of life in other countries like Thailand which was not comparable with that of Afghanistan at all. Besides, the academic learning on peace and conflict resolution, I had the opportunity to interact and speak with high profile people. I was also impressed by the sincere welcome and treatment of Rotarians and the staff at the Rotary Peace Center. In fact, all of these encounters had enormous impacts on my life. In addition to enhancing my commitments and love towards my country, it actually transformed my life to a great extent. It led to change my attitudes, way of thinking and behavior. Consequent upon the magical impact of the program and while thinking this is a best alternative, I decided to establish a local NGO to transfer my skills and love in the benefit of the Afghan society. When I came home I did set up my own non profit organization which was not an easy task. I am still committed and happy about it though sometimes, it seems hard and difficult, I will continue and hopefully you will soon hear about the project I get and implement in the near future.

Warm Regards,
Imal Momand WPF